Krosness & Pekula Collaborations is a collaboration between dance artists Disa Krosness & Erika Pekula Pettersson. We started working together in late 2012 with the piece Duolog that has been playing for young and adult audiences around Sweden and Norway. Our latest production Perfect. Tajming, had premier in September 2015, comissioned by Dans i Nord. We have also created the dance-­film Drottninggatan and the site-specific piece Dans på Bauers Brygga.

Perfect. Tajming,


Photo: Simon Olofsson
Our time – our crime
Future – fashion time
Past – a memory in mind
Now – is
Dream – on

A constant content inside a changing narrative. Cyclic living. Everything reoccurs in Consistent; Repeating; Patterns. Patterns and Pathétiques. A Dream, of a Future. Dream, as in container of Everything that Never Was. The Dream, as in Time of Possibility. We meet in a battle against Time, in Time, for Time. For Perfect. Tajming,

Concept, choreography and presentation by Disa Krosness & Erika Pekula Pettersson

Music by Max Cooper, Claude VonStroke, Joni Mitchell, Frank Sinatra and Antônio Carlos Jobim
Text by Disa Krosness, Joni Mitchell and Drake. Read by Marc Nelson.

Premiere at Dansfesten at Studio Acusticum Black Box, in September 21st 2015
Comissioned by Dans i Nord and has been developed during August in Acusticum, Piteå.




We carry our naivety, loneliness and longing. Together we constitute the backside of all social conventions. Let’s walk together, but on opposite sides of the road. And then let’s bump in to each other, occasionally.

In Piles of waste, fate and fortune you will experience humour, power play and awkward silence­‐ a meeting where poetry gives new meaning to movement and where dance fills in between disjointed words and sentences.
Piles of waste, fate and fortune plays with the melancholy of the northern culture where everyday life is sufficient, “normal” and safe. It deals with how we approach each other; seek comfort and love and how hard it can be. The music is made by voices in layers, mixed with recorded poetry. It’s a dance theatre performance where distinct movement language together with mimic and gesture really connects with the audience.

Concept, choreography and presentation | Disa Krosness & Erika Pekula Pettersson
Music/poetry | Dr Bu
Movie/ photo | Peter Sundqvist
Lightdesign | Axel Norén
Coaches | Birgitta Egerbladh, Anna Grip, Lena Carlsson, Johan Christiansson, Bogdan Szyber och Kristyna Müller.

Upcoming performances

Dansnät Sverige 12-22 april, Norrbotten, Värmland och på Gotland.



Ned. Nedskräpa. Upp, upptäcka. Tacka för, tack senast. Mod, bok, upp. Skriv upp, upp, upp, kasta krafsa ner. Upptåg, intryck, utforma, tillämpa, upptänklig. Skräphög. Skriv åt fanders.
– Dr Bu

Monolog + Dialogue = Duolog. Where everything and nothing is said between the lines.

A duet about the building of a sentence and the sentence of words, constructing our bodies. The Sound artist Dr Bu’s monologues and overturn of words embodied by the two dancers in space.

Premiere in Piteå at Strömbackaskolan the 5th of december 2012. Since then the piece has been shown at Dansmässan (The Dance Fair, Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm), Supermarket Art Fair (Kulturhuset, Stockholm) and Move Be Moved 2013 (Kulturhuset, Stockholm), at 4, 2 ETT (Danscentrum Sthlm), Ravnedans in Kristiansand (NO), at Dansens Hus, Linköping and at Nacka Dans o Teater (Nacka).