I am part of HYBRID, an artistic collaboration sharing office and studio at Tegelscenen in Hökarängen.

Link to Tegelscenens webpage: https://tegelscenen.wordpress.com/


We are seven freelance dance artists sharing office and studio since September 1, 2014 at Tegelscenen in Hökarängen.
 We are Erika Pekula Pettersson, Disa Krosness, Carima Neusser, Moa Autio, Elvira Roos, Elin Samuelsson, Elina Elestrand & Emelie Wahlman.


OUR MANIFESTO | We want to
– create a sustainable and safe work enviroment for us as a freelance dance artists by having a fixed place of work – office and studio

– work collaboratively – within the house, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

– promote / develop the independent performing arts and make dance available for both audiences and practitioners.

– promote an open minded platform for the performing arts, its audiences and practitioners.

We intend to work with feminism and democracy as base. This applies to all activities that take place in and related to the house.
We intend to be open to social tendencies and let them guide; This applies to both the artistic and structural work. We strive to act on the interest of the artist and not on any culture political / institutional interest.


Titta Hitta Färg @ Tegelscenen 19/2

Titta Hitta Färg @ Tegelscenen 19/2 2015

Within this collaboration the piece TITTA HITTA FÄRG! has been created.

Concept, choreography and presentation: Moa Autio, Erika Pekula Pettersson, Emelie Wahlman, Elvira Roos & Elin Samuelsson.