From the Artistic Degree Project at DOCH “What´s the difference between what I see and what I experience?” May 2011

Erika Pekula Pettersson. Dancer, performer, choreographer, producer and teacher. She was borned in the nortern parts of Sweden late in december 1989. She started dancing at the Swedish Ballet School in Piteå in 2002. The following years she has countinued her education at Strömackaskolans Dance program and the University of Dance and Circus the Bachelor program of Dance, where she graduated in 2011.

After her education she has been freelancing as a dancer, choreographer, producer, performer and teacher. Amongst people she has worked with are Marie Wårell Öhman, Sophia Jospehson, Disa Krosness & Lenitha Hedqwist.

As a dancer she has a strong technical base with an unusual movement quality. She is a experienced improviser and as a teacher she enjoys to challenge the students minds and bodies. On stage her character is impossibe to miss!

Since september 2014 she is sharing office space and studio together with six other dance artists in Hökarängen, Stockholm.

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